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Hildegardt Whites

Actress, Singer & MC




Probably best known as Bonita from 7de Laan, Hildegardt is considered a formidable actress and theatrical performer.  Her daily slot on the small screen has made her a household name, and one of South Africa’s most sought-after personalities.


In 2016 Hildegardt launched her own show on Via TV called “Hilde se Hartsklanke.”  In this series Hildegardt returns to the West Coast and Northern Cape – back to her roots – to record her first album.  With only 30 days to record 13 songs, Hildegardt goes on a quest to find her sound amongst her own people, using local musicians to help shape the music of her heart.


With her current role in an award-winning TV soap and a promising music career ahead of her, it is evident that Hildegardt is one of South Africa’s most talented performers.