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Francois Louw

Francois Louw

Image & Beauty Expert, Cosmetic Product Developer




He is a hair and make-up extraordinaire, a style fundi and wardrobe specialist.  All contributing reasons of why Francois Louw is the most sought-after Image Consultant in South Africa.


His passion, knowledge and experience in the beauty industry have made him a popular Media Personality as well, with regular appearances as industry expert on various TV and Radio programmes.


What sets Francois apart from most other Image Consultants though, is his knowhow and involvement in the actual manufacture and production of cosmetics and fragrances.  He is literally the go-to person when it comes to anything beauty.


Francois regularly hosts image workshops for both the corporate and private sectors, and specifically concentrates on Hair, Make-up, styling and wardrobe topics.  His charismatic and engaging personality makes his seminars extremely popular, attracting literally hundreds of women per session from all over the country.


Keep your eye steadfast on this dynamic entrepreneur, as the year 2018 will show Francois venture into more TV projects, collaborations with other massive beauty brands, and bigger interactive workshops in a city near you.